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Keeping visitors active in a website and putting them engaged in reading more articles is really a big challenge. CBX Next Previous Article plugin helps to engage user displaying easy navigation for next previous article or next previous page. Using the plugin setting there are lots of parameter to configure, show/hide and customize the presentation.

CBX Next Previous Article by Codeboxr

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If you think any necessary feature is missing contact with us, we will add in new release. Best way to check the feature is to install the free core version in any dev site and explore

🛄 Core Plugin Features

  • Simple and Fast Article Navigation for single article(Details mode of any post type)
  • Next Previous Page navigation for archive pages
  • Comes with 4 Pre-styled Next/ Previous Buttons
  • Built-in post type(s) support(Pro Addon support custom post types)*
  • Google Analytics tracking for display views and clicks

💎 Pro Addon: Core feature enhancement

  • Custom Post Type(s) support
  • Custom image as next previous icon
  • Thumb based display as replacement for arrow feature in archive or details page
  • Advance navigation display using – Slidein/out, fadein/out or modal display in details article page
  • Special support for WooCommerce and Easy digital download plugin


To hook the adjacent next previous post sort order sql here is code sample



This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload folder wpnextpreviouslink to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Check setting from the setting menu from admin panel


Òkúdù 17, 2020
I love this plugin because it increases UX of users and it enhances the design of my site. Simple and esay to use. Good support Yvan
Ṣẹrẹ 28, 2020
I might be old school but right to go to the next post is normal for me, and left to go back Anyway -- works perfectly in standard blogs and when I had a problem in a Divi installation the author fixed it with a simple CSS code snippet (z axis issue) - anybody not seeing the arrows this is probably the reason. Top marks for simplicity and service.
Òkúdù 21, 2019
This plugin follows the old and outdated wordpress native navigation (click left to scroll through all the posts). From a user stand-point, a user should be clicking RIGHT to advance through all (previous) posts (like Instagram or Facebook stories). I contacted the plugin author and they said "nobody else complained". Well, I wasn't complaining, I was simply asking if there was a way to accomplish this within this plugin. There are other plugins that accomplish this, so I'll use one of those. If the arrows navigated Right: Previous, Left: Next, it would be a 5 star plugin!
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Contributors & Developers

“CBX Next Previous Article” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • [new] Compatible with 6.1.1
  • [new] Style and other minor improvements


  • [updated] Dashboard more updated with left side tab in larger screen and tab at top in smaller screen
  • [new] Navigate by category now has option per post type category or taxonomy set option, so now it works for custom post types with custom taxonomy.


  • [updated] New dashboard interface


  • [updated] Click works if ga enabled for advance display mode.


  • [new] Google analytics tracking of show/view and click event for next prev for single page
  • [new] Link open in new window/tab or not , default same window
  • [fix] Works perfectly for single page as frontpage as home page
  • [fix] Home Page always display arrow style
  • [improvement] Plugin setting style improved with relevance information and ux


  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
  • [New] Navigate by category id off by default, this will give better default experience after the plugin install and activate


  • [Improvement] Minor improvement


  • [Improvement] Minor improvement


  • [Bug Fix] Navigate by same category now fixed or it works.
  • [Bug Fix] If any page is set as frontpage in such ase show/hide arrow for home works now.


  • [Bug Fix] Fix to honor backend setting when to show both next prev or only next/prev


  • [Improvement] Backend Custom image preview improved. Addon code base sync which means addon needs to download from our site for better adjust with core.
  • [Improvement] Arrows are now responsive as per device width(CSS tweaked)
  • [New] If WP_DEBUG enabled and true, then loads non minified version of css and js, if false, minified css and js
  • [Improvement] Code base improve in core and sync with addons


  • Few filters are renamed to follow the naming convention of most filters added in this plugin


  • Re-branded as per codeboxr.com
  • Remove next prev detect intelligency which was a boomerang


  • Show both arrow in details article


  • 100% revamp with more features


  • Bug fixed for loading text domain


  • bug fix and


  • Supports Custom post types


  • First release