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WC Messaging – Integrate Whastapp Business API with WooCommerce

WC Messaging – Integrate Whastapp Business API with WooCommerce


WC Messaging : The WC Messaging plugin integrates WhatsApp Cloud Business API with WooCommerce. It sends free automated WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders.

Note: Added support for blocked checkout

To use the WC messaging plugin, you need a mobile number that is not associated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business on your mobile device. This number will be used exclusively for the WhatsApp Cloud API. You will still receive calls and SMS on this number, but it cannot be used with the WhatsApp mobile app. Facebook’s WhatsApp Cloud API restricts a mobile number to be used either with the mobile app or the cloud API, but not both. read more about phone number requirement in whatsapp cloud api.

WC Messaging Pro : WhatsApp WooCommerce plugin facilitates two-way communication between customers and businesses, enabling customers to seek support directly through WhatsApp. It also offers full-time support for any order-related queries or follow-ups, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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WC Messaging [free version]

  • Send Woocommerce order notifications: Automatically send WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders using the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs.

WC Messaging Pro [premium version]

  • All features of the free version: WhatsApp Woocommerce integration premium version contains all features of the WC Messaging free version.

  • Custom trigger buttons: The WC Messaging plugin offers custom trigger buttons on the WooCommerce order details page, enabling admins to send custom pre-defined message templates to customers with just a click.

  • Enable two-way messaging with customers: You can send and receive messages via WhatsApp, allowing for interactive conversations between businesses and customers. Using webhook admin receives messages from customers sent through WhatsApp.

  • Compatibility with Woocommerce Booking plugins: Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce booking plugins for a comprehensive booking solution

  • Quick Reply: WC Messaging Pro introduces a quick reply feature, enabling administrators to promptly respond to customer inquiries.

  • Mark as Read: It provides administrators with the capability to mark all messages as read, streamlining message management for enhanced efficiency.

  • Customized Widget: WC Messaging Pro offers a variety of widgets to enable customers to initiate chats with businesses effortlessly.

    1. Click to Chat: Simply put, we provide you with a link. You can place this link anywhere you like emails, blog posts etc… and customers can click on it to start chatting with your business directly.

    2. WhatsApp QR Code: We offer a QR code that, when scanned, connects customers directly to your business chat on WhatsApp. You can put this QR code in single product pages or printed brochures, invoices, etc..

    3. WhatsApp Chat Icon: Simply enable it, and an icon will appear on your site. When clicked, customers can chat directly with your admin. Customize the label, message, and position to your liking.

    4. Shortcode: Use the shortcode [woom-chat-widget] to show the WhatsApp chat icon wherever you want on your site.

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  • General setting page of WC Messaging Free version
  • Template setting page of WC Messaging Free version
  • Tools setting page of WC Messaging
  • General setting page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Template setting page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Webhook setting page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Widget setting page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Recentchat page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Order chat page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Customers chat page of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Quick reply option of WC Messaging Pro version
  • Mark as read option of WC Messaging Pro version
  • WhatsApp message of customers page.


Upload the ‘WC Messaging’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Go to the plugin settings page and enter your WhatsApp Business API credentials.

Customize your message templates and order status settings according to your preferences.

Start sending automated order status updates to your customers on WhatsApp!


Is it free plugin?

Yes, WC Messaging is a free plugin, but we also offer a premium version with advanced features of WhatsApp for Woocommerce. This article will explain how to send free WhatsApp notifications for Woocommerce orders.

Is this plugin compatible with the latest Woocommerce version?

Yes, this Woocommerce WhatsApp plugin works with the latest Woocommerce version and the latest updates of this Woocommerce WhatsApp API integration plugin support the Woocommerce blocked checkout feature.

Can this plugin be used to send a free Woocommerce order notification on WhatsApp?

yes! This Woocommerce WhatsApp plugin lets you send free Woocommerce order notifications on WhatsApp.

Is it possible to use my current WhatsApp number as my WhatsApp API number?

No, it’s not possible to use your existing WhatsApp number for the WhatsApp Business API. A phone number registered with the WhatsApp Business Cloud API can’t be used for the WhatsApp app. Once a number is registered with the WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business app, it can’t be registered elsewhere unless it’s deleted first.

Is it possible for an admin to receive notifications for all orders?

Yes, If you’re integrating WhatsApp for Woocommerce and the admin wants to receive notifications for all orders, they should navigate to Woocommerce settings, then go to Templates, and select the “Sent to Admin” checkbox option.

Where can I find the requested access token,WhatsApp business Id and WhatsApp phone id

In WhatsApp business cloud Api integration, To find the requested access token, WhatsApp Business ID, and WhatsApp phone ID, you need to set up Facebook WhatsApp configuration. Once everything is set up correctly, you can obtain the required data.

Does this plugin support international WhatsApp messages?

Yes, definitely! If you’re using the WC Messaging plugin for WhatsApp with Woocommerce, it supports all country codes and international messages.

What’s included in the free plan

The free plan of the WC Messaging plugin includes integration of WhatsApp Business API with Woocommerce. It allows send free Woocommerce WhatsApp order notifiction using template messages, sent directly to customers via WhatsApp.

How do I activate my pro plan

To activate your WC Messaging-WhatsApp integration for Woocommerce pro plan, simply follow these steps: Visit our documentation section or watch our video tutorial for easy guidance.

Is there a live demo for wc messaging

Yes, we offer a live demo of the Woocommerce WhatsApp integration on our website.You can check it out there! of Woocommerce WhatsApp plugin demo.

Can we continuously chat using the WC messaging plugin?

Yes, absolutely! You can continuously chat using this Woocommerce WhatsApp chat plugin. However, according to Facebook’s guidelines, customers need to start the conversations on Messenger. Admins can respond within 24 hours. After that, admins cannot start new chats but can send template messages when needed. If the customer starts another chat, admins can reply and continue the conversation.


Èbìbí 25, 2024
Caused critical error, had to disable and delete. Documentation doesn’t match plugin. Disappointed as I had to delete the number from my existing whatsapp business coud api to transfer it to the facebook api.
Ẹrẹ́nà 28, 2024
The plugin functions as intended. I sought a cost-effective solution for sending WhatsApp notifications, and this plugin perfectly fits the bill. It simplifies the process, requiring payment only for the charges incurred by Facebook’s WhatsApp service. Thanks to the team for this plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“WC Messaging – Integrate Whastapp Business API with WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1.6 – 09 JUL 2024

  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 9.0
  • Improvement: Added HPOS support

1.1.5 – 10 JUN 2024

  • Fix: The error in the template settings regarding header parameters has been fixed
  • Improvement: Added WC Messaging widget on dashboard
  • Improvement: Added support tab on setting page

1.1.4 – 27 MAY 2024

  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.9

1.1.3 – 21 MAY 2024

  • Improvement: Order note message improved
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.8

1.1.2 – 06 APR 2024

  • Improvement: Feedback form added.
  • Improvement: Compatible with Wordpress 6.5

1.1.1 – 27 MAR 2024

  • Fix: Minor fixes

1.1.0 – 26 MAR 2024

  • Improvement: Added Support for Blocked checkout
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.7
  • Improvement: Setting page has been improved with a dropdown menu
  • Fix: Pro features removed.

1.0.11 – 24 FEB 2024

  • Improvement: Custom message trigger button added. Admin can send message template by a dedicated button on the order detail page, improving communication and customer engagement.
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce version 8.6

1.0.10 – 20 FEB 2024

  • Improvement: Automatic order status can send to customers through whatsapp.
  • Improvement: customized order notifications can be send.
  • Improvement: Compatible with wordpress version 6.4
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce version 8.5

1.0.9 – 20 FEB 2024

  • Improvement: Stable version

1.0.1 – 22 AUG 2023

  • Fix: whatsapp api url unique phone number id field added in settings.

1.0.0 – 13 JUL 2023

  • Initial release of the WhatsApp Business API Integration for WooCommerce plugin.